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A Pillar of Serious Entrepreneurs’ Businesses,
as well as personal affairs.

  • Maria holds together the Sage Academy as well as my personal life – and she has done since 2017. And as high a consciousness person as I am: I can be one tough cookie every now and again. She’s a diamond in the rough and I’m blessed to have found her at the time I did.

    Peter Sage
    CEO of Sage Academy

Services & Areas of expertise

Basic task

  • Email Management
  • Maintain a calendar and set up meetings
  • Storing and organizing files
  • Administrative Task Management
  • Take voice transcription and handle correspondence
  • Make travel, business and personal arrangements
  • Handle billing and finance
  • Handle client inquiries
  • Research and Adhoc tasks


Business Management

Administrative Support


Some Reasons why you really need a full-time virtual assistant

  • Become more efficient & effective
  • Focus only on money-making productive activities
  • Create more personal time
  • Take your business to the next level
  • Make more money
  • Look more professional
  • Service clients better
  • Take the pressure off yourself

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Monthly Service Subscription

160 VA work hours

Hands-on leadership approach

Training & VA Operations

*personally managed by Maria

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Don’t just listen to us. Here are what people say about us.

  • Top VA’s services were very helpful in allowing my team to find a VA who was a great fit in a pivotal time for the growth of our company. She did a great job from start to finish and I’d work with her again

    Eli Facenda
    MVP International Athletics
  • Top VA Services has absolutely been a game changer in my business, and in my life! I help others be in the business of being themselves, in contribution to the world—and my own business follows this same model. Before working with Maria, it was so difficult to imagine how I could possibly grow my business in a way that allowed me to increase my impact, while maintaining my ideal lifestyle of travel, research, exploration and contribution. Now I have the freedom to take action on opportunities to grow my business, and myself along with it. I’m now able to travel more, to help clients more deeply, maintain an effective client experience. It is such a relief to be able to focus on what I do best!

    Vianca Salanga
    Fundamental Laws of Effortless Achievement
  • I’ve struggled all my business career with getting things done … I had too much work and not enough time to get everything done. I started to fall out of love with what I do. (Because I was too busy doing all the scheduling and clerical work instead of working on my actual business!) That’s when I found Top VA and my life was forever changed. SO much work was taken off my plate that I could actually focus on growing my business. No more worrying about my appointment setting, no more stress looking at spreadsheets for hours, I was finally able to fall back in love with the work I was always born to do.

    You There
    You're Next Ltd.

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